【2013年5月12日】 国道289 の旧道と 甲子温泉 ( May 12, 2013: An old Route 289 & Kashi Onsen )

本日は、須賀川市 を出発し、国道4号を南下して 白河市 まで行き、そこから 国道289号 で 甲子温泉 へ向かった。
Today, I left Sukagawa City and pedaled south on the National Route 4 to Shirakawa City. Then I changed to National Route 289 and finally arrived at Kashi Onsen.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130512須賀川市甲子温泉 (561x350)

なお、国道289号 の途中から、甲子温泉 まで 旧道 があり、これについて現状を紹介します。
There was an old Route 289 to Kashi Onsen which branched off on the way.

P5123754 (561x421)
現在、国道289号 の新道は、旧道の分岐点から先、トンネルを3本通り、甲子温泉 へ行きます。甲子温泉の唯一の宿の 大黒屋 の案内も、これを推奨しています。上の写真。
The new Route 289 has three tunnels to Kashi Onsen from the branch point for the old 289. Please refer to the guide sign of Daikokuya Inn, the only inn there, recommending the new Route 289.

P5123812 (561x421)
これらのトンネルは、例えば、中間にある「 きびたき 」トンネルで言うと、写真の通り入口から暗く、中は曲がりくねっていて、自転車にとっては安全とは言えない。
These tunnels were not safe enough for bikes. For example, the second "Kibitaki" Tunnel was dark even near the entrance, with many winding curves inside.

トンネルを避けるために、旧道を目指したが、結論から言うと、旧道は途中から「災害のため」通行止めになっており、結局、甲子温泉 へは、トンネルを3本通って行きました。
I aimed at the old route just for avoiding tunnels. However, since the old route had been closed half way because of a disaster, actually I was forced to take the new route including tree tunnels.

P5123739 (561x421)

P5123747 (561x421)

P5123730 (561x421)
The pictures above show the branch sign for the old route and the branch point. Also picture of Mt. Asahi with cherry blossom was shown which was taken near the branch point.

P5123771 (561x421)

P5123770 (561x421)

P5123767 (561x421)
Soon after entering the old route, steep zigzag downhill road followed as shown in the picture above. I found many viola grypoceras along the roadside. Mt. Asahi could be seen clearly.

P5123773 (561x421)

P5123778 (561x421)
その先には、西郷 (にしごう)村の天然記念物の「 剣カツラ 」が現れた。
Then, there appeared "Katsura Tree with Sword" which was the natural monument of Nishigo Village.

P5123776 (561x421)
I also found gentiana nipponica as shown in the picture above.

P5123787 (561x421)

P5123791 (561x421)
更に、その先には、写真の「 阿武隈川の源流 」の標識が。この標識の下の崖には、写真の 阿武隈川 の 源流 の流れが見えます。
And then I found the sign for “the origin of the Abukuma River”. I could look over the original flow of the Abukuma River down the cliff.

P5123797 (561x421)
その少し先に、写真の通行止めのゲートがあり、折返しとなった。先ほどの九十九折を今度は上って、トンネルを通り、無事 甲子温泉 へ着きました。しかし、新道のトンネルと違い、旧道には豊富な自然がありました。
Then I finally found closed gate as shown in the picture above. I was forced to get back climbing the zigzag road and I pedaled along the tunnels and finally arrived at Kashi Onsen safe. I found many natures along the old route compared to only tunnels for the new route.

P5123822 (561x421)
甲子温泉 側の旧道も見てみると、写真の通行止めのゲートがあった。宿の話では、復旧は来年以降とのことでした。
I checked the end point of the old route at Kashi Onsen and I also found closed gate as shown in the picture. A man of the inn told me that the old route will be recovered after next year.

P5123814 (561x421)

P5123830 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、甲子温泉 の唯一の宿である写真の 大黒屋 。ここは、日本秘湯を守る会 の会員宿であり、写真の 大岩風呂 がある。中央に近い岩から、大量の源泉が自噴していて、新鮮なぬるめの湯に長くつかることができます。県外からの日帰り客も大勢いました。
Tonight I stayed at Daikokuya Inn which was the only inn here. This inn was the member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns and had its own giant rock bath as shown in the pictures above. Abundant natural hot spring was flowing out of the rock near the center of the bath. I could take a long time bath of fresh hot spring water of lower temperature. There were also many day use visitors from outside Fukushima Pref.

【2013年5月11日】 大桑原つつじ園 を訪ねて( May 11, 2013: Visited Okanbara Rhododendron Park, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、午前中、須賀川市 内のもう一つの花の名所である、大桑原 (おおかんばら)つつじ園を訪ねました。昼からは雨が降り出した。
This morning, I visited another famous flower park in Sukagawa City which was Okanbara Rhododendron Park. Then it started to rain around noon.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130511須賀川市内散策 (561x338)

大桑原つつじ園 は、市の郊外にあり、江戸時代からの個人の庭園です。園内では、ツツジやシャクナゲが写真のように、かなり見頃になっていました。つぼみも多く残っており、まだしばらく楽しめます。ここのツツジや シャクナゲ は、山のヤマツツジと違って、大変に良く手入れされています。また、シャクナゲ は、写真のように、数多くの品種がどれもきれいに咲いており、圧巻でした。
Okanbara Rhododendron Park was located in the suburb of the City and the Park had been privately owned since 300 years ago. Azaleas and rhododendrons today were almost best to see in the Park. However, since I could still find many buds left the best days will last for some time. The azaleas and rhododendrons in this Park had been taken best care of compared to wild azaleas in mountains. Numerous kinds of rhododendrons were in beautiful bloom and these really impressed me.

P5113715 (561x421)

P5113549 (561x421)

P5113554 (561x421)

P5113563 (561x421)

P5113581 (561x421)

P5113587 (561x421)
大桑原つつじ園 の全景と、園内の ツツジ の写真。(上)
The whole view of the Park and beautiful azaleas are shown in the pictures above.

P5113590 (561x421)

P5113636 (561x421)

P5113639 (561x421)

P5113647 (561x421)

P5113683 (561x421)

P5113684 (561x421)

P5113699 (561x421)
大桑原つつじ園 園内の見事な シャクナゲ の写真。(上)
Many kinds and colors of rhododendrons are shown in the pictures above.

P5113505 (561x421)
昨晩と今晩の宿は、須賀川市中心部にある写真のビジネスホテル 虎屋 。須賀川牡丹園 と 大桑原つつじ園 の間の位置にあります。感じの良い宿で、立派な朝食がついてきます。
Last night as well as tonight I stayed at Toraya Hotel which was a business hotel located near the center of Sukagawa City. It stood between Sukagawa Peony Park and Okanbara Rhododendron Park. It was a nice hotel with a good breakfast.

【2013年5月10日】 須賀川牡丹園 を訪ねて( May 10, 2013: Visited Sukagawa Peony Park, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、矢祭町 を出発し、久慈川サイクリングロード を北上、塙町 の 風呂山公園 に寄り、須賀川市 の 須賀川牡丹園 を訪ねた。
Today, after I left Yamatsuri Town I pedaled toward north on the Kujigawa Cycling Road and stopped at Furoyama Park of Hanawa Town. Then, finally I arrived at Sukagawa Peony Park at Sukagawa City.

The actual route is shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data are from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

20130510矢祭町須賀川市 (561x349)

P5103379 (561x421)

P5103387 (561x421)

P5103391 (561x421)

P5103394 (561x421)

P5103412 (561x421)

P5103398 (561x421)
塙町 の道の駅「 はなわ 」のすぐ近くに、ツツジで有名な 風呂山公園 があり、ふくしま緑の百景 に選ばれています。既に、見頃は過ぎていましたが、上の写真の通り、まだ残っていました。なお、頂上からは塙町 を見下ろすことができ、JR 水郡線 の走る様子も見ることができます。
Furoyama Park which was famous for its azaleas was located near the Hanawa Road Station. The park had been selected best 100 Green Scenery of Fukushima. The azaleas today were after peak; however part of them were still in bloom as shown in the pictures above. From the top of the park I could see the whole town below including passenger cars of the JR Suigun Line.

P5103420 (561x421)
塙町 から 棚倉町 までは、久慈川サイクリングロード を走り、その終点の道路脇に写真の 太陽光発電 の 棚倉発電所 (50kw)があります。
From Hanawa Town to Tanakura Town I pedaled on the Kujigawa Cycling Road. At the terminal I could find Tanakura Solar Power Plant of 50kw at the roadside as shown in the picture.

P5103429 (561x421)

P5103437 (561x420)

P5103441 (561x421)

P5103449 (561x421)

P5103461 (561x421)

P5103471 (561x421)

P5103485 (561x421)

P5103487 (561x421)
須賀川牡丹園 は、須賀川市 の中心部にあり、国指定の名勝になっています。道案内や入口の写真とともに、園内の華麗な牡丹の様子を紹介します。全体に見頃になっていましたが、つぼみもまだたくさんあり、まだしばらく楽しめると思います。海外のお客も多く、フランス語や中国語の会話も度々聞こえました。訪れる価値は高いと思います。
Sukagawa Peony Park was located near the center of the Sukagawa City and the Park had been designated as National Scenic Beauty. Many beautiful peony flowers were shown in the pictures above as well as guide sign and the entrance gate. The flowers were almost best to see; however since there were still many buds left the best days will last for the time being. Foreign visitors who spoke French and Chinese were also there. I believe this place as worth visiting.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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