【2012年9月21日】 野口英世記念館 ( Sept. 21, 2012: Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall )

東山温泉 を出て、国道49号 に入り、猪苗代湖 の北の淵を通り、磐梯熱海温泉 へ。朝から雨が強くなり、レインウエアやレインシューズカバーもつけて、48kmをゆっくり走りました。GPSログは、途中の電源OFFに気付かず、野口記念館 までのみの記録。そこまでは、標高差350mの登りが約8km続き、以降は下り道でした。
Today, I left Higashiyama Onsen and pedaled on Route 49 along the northern edge of Lake Inawashiro to Bandai-Atami Onsen. The rain became stronger than in the morning, so I put on my rain ware and also rain cover for my shoes, and pedaled 48km carefully. GPS log existed only as far as Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall due to the power off which I failed to check. The log shows a long ascent of 350m during 8km before arriving at the Hall. The rest of the route was a long downhill to Bandai-Atami.

20120921東山温泉野口英世記念館GPS (560x362)

P9211426 (560x420)
写真は、猪苗代湖 の北の淵の中央にある 野口英世記念館 。野口博士の功績などが展示され、中高生の団体客が次から次に来訪し、教育に大いに貢献していました。
The Picture shows Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall which is located in the central part of northern edge of Lake Inawashiro. The hall exhibited excellent establishments of Dr. Noguchi, and middle and high school student visitors came one after another in groups, thus giving great contributions to student education.

P9211440 (560x420)
今夜の宿は、写真の 松柏 です。気持ちの良い宿でしたが、温泉は、加温、塩素を加えた循環ろ過式でした。自転車は、玄関脇の長い庇の下に保管させてもらえました。
Tonight I stayed at Shouhaku Inn shown in the picture above. The inn was very comfortable; however, the hot spring water for indoor bath was heated and circulated with chlorination. I could keep my bike outside the house in security under enough roof space.

【2012年9月20日】 鶴ヶ城 、 東山温泉 へ( Sept. 20, 2012: Tsurugajo Castle and Higashiyama Onsen )

芦ノ牧温泉 を出て、会津若松熱塩温泉自転車道 を北上し、会津若松市街経由で 東山温泉 へ。
Today, I left Ashinomaki Onsen and pedaled on the Aizuwakamatsu Atsushio-Onsen Cycling Road to Aizuwakamatsu City area, and the final goal was Higashiyama Onsen nearby.

20120920芦ノ牧温泉東山温泉GPS (560x362)

P9201393 (560x420)

P9201397 (560x420)
福島県が作ったこのサイクリングロードは、芦ノ牧温泉 と 熱塩温泉 を結ぶ50kmで、今回は会津若松市街まで活用した。雨の中でも安全に走れ、大変有難いです。写真は、その案内図と、途中の標識と光景です。GPSログは下の通りで、最後の 東山温泉 に入る急な登り坂以外は、下りであった。
Fukushima Pref. made this Cycling Road which connected Ashinomaki Onsen and Atsushio Onsen which was 50km distant. This road enables bikers to pedal safe even in rainy weather, and I greatly thank for this. The first picture is the sign of the Cycling Road, and the second picture shows the road sign and the view on the way. As shown in the GPS log above, most of the route was downward, except the last entrance to the Higashiyama Onsen.

P9201408 (560x420)

P9201402 (560x420)
会津若松市内では、 鶴ヶ城 に寄りました。約500年にわたり、8代の城主が住んだ城で、1874年に壊されたが、その後再建された。写真は、その雄姿と、8代の家紋です。この日は、 鶴ヶ城 にいるときだけ、晴れでした。
I visited Tsurugajo Castle in the Aizuwakamatsu City. This Castle had been famous for as much as eight Load Families owned this Castle era by era during about 500 years. The Castle was destroyed in 1874 but afterwards reconstructed. Pictures show the elegant figure and the eight Family Crests of the Castle Loads. Today, the sun appeared only during my visit to Tsurugajo Castle.

P9201418 (560x420)
Tonight I stayed at Arimaya Inn shown in the picture above. The natural hot spring of 48 degree Celsius was flooding from the bath as it was. It was a good chloride spring. I could keep my bike inside the house safely.

【2012年9月19日】 芦ノ牧温泉 へ( Sept. 19, 2012: To Ashinomaki Onsen )

湯野上温泉 を出て、国道118を北上し 芦ノ牧温泉 へ。今日は、雨だったので、レインウエアを着て目的地へ直行しました。
Today, I left Yunokami Onsen and pedaled on the Route 118 towards Ashinomaki Onsen. Since it was a rainy day, I went direct to the goal with my rain wear on.

">20120919湯野上温泉芦ノ牧温泉GPS (560x359)

P9191377 (560x420)

P9191379 (560x420)
This time, on the Route 118, there appeared several tunnels as shown in the pictures above. All of them had no lane for bikes, thus forcing bikes to keep left along with cars and trucks on the non-flat road surface which was not safe. I had to take best care of my safe pedaling.

P9191382 (560x420)

P9191389 (560x420)

P9191391 (560x420)

P9191388 (560x420)
今夜の宿は、「 日本秘湯を守る会 」の 仙峡閣 。上の写真は、順に、その門、玄関、部屋の窓からの景色、最後が宿の露天風呂です。この宿は、芦ノ牧温泉 の中で唯一、自噴の源泉を持ち、そのままのかけ流しです。最高品質の塩化物泉を味わうことができ、是非お勧めしたい。また、今日は雨で直行したため、午前10時過ぎに着いたが、有難いことにすぐにチェックインの特別配慮をして頂いた。
Today, I stayed at “Senkyoukaku” Inn which was again the member of “Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns”. The first picture above shows the entrance gate and the next shows the entrance view of the lodge, the third picture shows a splendid view from my room, and the last one shows the open-air bath. Only this lodge had its own naturally out coming hot spring in this Ashinomaki area, thus the hot spring floods the bath just as it was. Here I could enjoy the finest quality of chloride bath, and could recommend to many of hot spring fans. Today, since I pedaled direct to this inn because of the rain, I arrived just past 10 a.m. Nevertheless, they kindly offered special check in of this time free of charge and I thanked gratefully.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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