【2012年9月15日】 白河市 へ( Spet. 15, 2012: To Shirakawa City )

2日目は、湯岐温泉 を下り、白河市へ。途中、久慈川サイクリングロードを活用した。
On the second day, I left Yujimata Onsen and pedaled to Shirakawa City. On the way, I used the Kujigawa Cycling Road.

20120915湯岐温泉白河GPS (560x362)

P9151246 (560x420)
白河市 への国道289号からの光景です。
Above picture shows the view from the Route 289 on the way to Shirakawa City.

P9151254 (560x420)
白河市 は、明日予定の 白河羽鳥湖線 (県道37号)の長い登り道に備えた中継地で、その起点のある 白河駅 の近くに泊まりました。白河駅 は、JR東北本線の駅で、写真のように趣があります。東北新幹線の新白河駅周辺に比べ、賑わいは少ないが、歴史を感じさせます。
Shirakawa City was the stopping point in preparation for the long hill climb tomorrow on the Shirakawa-Hatori Road (Pref. road Route 37), which started from front of the Shirakawa Station. It was the old JR Tohoku Line Station; however it had an elegant station house as you see in the picture above. Compared to Shinshirakawa Station area of Tohoku Shinkansen, Shirakawa Station area was now minor, but had a sense of history.

P9151248 (560x420)
Today, I stayed at extremely reasonable hotel shown in the picture above. An old couple managed the hotel, cutting down every unnecessary cost, but ensuring security. They also made me a favor of keeping my bike safe in the underground garage. (Usually I had to pack the bike and take it to my hotel room.)

【2012年9月14日】 湯岐温泉 へ( Sept. 14, 2012: To Yujimata Onsen )

本日は、JR水郡線の輪行で福島県の 磐城塙 駅まで入り、そこから 湯岐 (ゆじまた) 温泉 へ。
Today, I packed my bike and took a ride on the JR Suigun Line to Iwakihanawa Station in Fukushima Pref., and then visited Yujimata Onsen.

20120914岩城塙湯岐温泉GPS (560x347)

P9141236 (560x420)

P9141241 (560x420)
最初の写真は、湯岐温泉 入り口の標識。この温泉は、39.8℃の源泉が岩の隙間から自噴しており、そのままかけ流しの高品質の湯です(ぬるめです)。次が、その岩風呂の写真です。
The first picture shows the entrance sign of the Yujimata Onsen. This spring was naturally pouring out of rock spaces with 39.8 degrees Celsius, which made highest quality bath without any artificial works. (But the water was warm not hot.) The next picture shows the view of the rock bath house.

P9141245 (560x420)
本日の宿は、岩風呂 を管理している 山形屋旅館 。湯治客が多いでした。安くて、正真正銘の源泉、しかも部屋食です。
Today I stayed at Yamagataya Inn shown in the picture above which owned the rock bath. People usually stayed long at this inn. It offered the real natural bath with very reasonable charge, and I could have meal at my room.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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