More cherry blossoms in Naraha, Tomioka, and Okuma Town, April 13, 2017 (楢葉、富岡、大熊町の桜前線 2017年4月13日)

P4133948 (560x420)
This morning I left Naraha Cycling Terminal and headed to Kamishigeoka Pond in the northern outskirt of Naraha Town. The pond was now under decontamination work cleaning mud on the bottom of the pond. Still it showed beautiful scenery with a number of cherry trees blooming along the bank as shown above.

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On the way to Kamishigeoka Pond, I found a large complex of brand new houses near JR Tatsuta Sta. as shown above. This was public housing complex for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami disasters. Some houses were already inhabited and others were still under construction. I happened to talk with one of the residents.

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Then I pedaled toward JR Tomioka Station. The station suffered a devastating damage by the tsunami six years ago. The station is still out of service but is scheduled to resume operation within this year. As you see in the photo above, construction of the new station structure was now on the way.

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There is a popular cherry blossom site in the northern part of Tomioka Town. This is called Yonomori cherry site and today all the trees were in full bloom as shown above. Many pedestrians and cars went slowly along the street while I was there.

P4134014 (560x419)
Close to the Yonomori cherry street, there was another line of cherry trees, also in full bloom as shown above. The line was along JR Joban line track near Yonomori Sta., where train operation is still two years away.

P4134038 (560x420)
Next I headed toward Okawara district of Okuma Town which is located adjacent to Tomioka Town. Most area of Okuma Town is currently designated as difficult to return zone except for this district. Anyone can enter this area safely and temporary town office for recovery work is also located within this district. Today I visited Sakashita Dam in a mountainous area in the district. There were many cherry trees blooming surrounding the dam as shown above.

P4134059 (560x420)

P4134079 (560x420)
Finally I returned to Naraha Town again and went to see JR Joban Line train near Tatsuta Sta. Today, Joban Line operation is separated between southern and northern parts. Tatsuta Sta. is the north terminal sta. for the southern part. JR Joban Line trains going through a bridge over the Kido River are shown above. One train you can see with cherry blossoms is heading toward Tatsuta terminal sta. The other one you can see with the river below left Tatsuta Sta. and bound for Iwaki

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170413楢葉町と富岡町と大熊町 (560x420)

Recovering Tomioka Town, Aug. 16, 2015 (富岡町にて 2015年8月16日)

Today I visited Tomioka Town, Fukushima. All the town area is still in the evacuation zone and bike is not allowed in a large part of it. (Only car traffic is allowed.) This time, a member of Omotenashi Guide Fukushima picked me up into the town and I had a chance to visit some places in the town.
本日は、富岡町を訪ねました。富岡町は、全域が避難区域で、自転車も通れないところがまだ多い状態です。(車の通行のみ許可) 今回は、おもてなし福島通訳ガイドの会のメンバーに、別件で車に乗せてもらい、訪れることができました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150816富岡町 (560x429)

First, I visited a beautiful ranch with many cattle and other animals. A resident of the town had kept feeding the animals since the earthquake and nuclear accident four years ago.

20150816富岡町ダチョウ (560x367)
Above picture shows an ostrich and its egg just laid yesterday.

P8162924 (560x420)

P8162930 (560x420)
Pictures above show cattle in the ranch. It was beautiful scenery of the countryside.

P8162918 (560x420)
On the other hand, still there was a barricade for no entry into the difficult-to-return zone as shown above.

P8162941 (560x420)
JR Tomioka Station had been severely hit by the tsunami and is being planned to be relocated to inner area. There is a memorial on the old Tomioka Station site as shown above.
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