In the town of Shinchi, Mt. Karozan and others, July 24, 2015, (新地町で、鹿狼山など 2015年7月24日)

Today, I pedaled around the town of Shinchi including the coastline, historic site, and finally Mt. Karozan.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150724新地町 (560x417)

P7242346 (560x420)
First, I pedaled along the border with Soma City in the south and found some mega solar power plants. Above photo was one of them in Koyo Industrial park.

P7242357 (560x420)
Then I pedaled along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. A long seawall stretched along the road as shown above, therefore I could not sea the ocean from the road. This was the same as I pedaled along the coastline of Iwaki City this January.

P7242366 (560x420)
But small portion of the shoreline is still left open as shown above.

P7242376 (560x420)
There is a historic site more than 4000 years ago in this town. This site is called Shinchi Kaizuka Site as shown above. Kaizuka means ancient shell mound. The site had already been studied enough and today the area is used as farmland. This site was designated as National Historic Site.

P7242400 (560x409)

P7242383 (560x420)
Then I moved to the slope of Mt. Karozan (430m) which is an iconic mountain of this town. Above photos show a description and a scene of the mountain today.

P7242394 (560x420)
There were some nice hiking trails on the slope to the peak of the mountain and I started to walk. I found that this mountain is one of the best 100 greens of Fukushima as the stone shows in the picture above.

P7242395 (560x420)

P7242410 (560x420)
Though the best season for flowers has gone but still some (Hydrangea and Lilium auratum) were left as shown above. 

Shinchi Town, the northernmost town of Hamadori Region, July 23, 2015, (浜通り最北端の 新地町 へ 2015年7月23日)

Today I traveled from Koriyama to Shinchi Town which is the northernmost part of Hamadori Region. It was a long bike trip of 105km in a rainy day.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150723郡山から新地 (560x431)

P7232312 (560x420)
In order to avoid mountainous route, I once entered Miyagi Pref. along the Abukuma River. At Marumori Town of Miyagi Pref., I could see beautiful scenery of the Abukuma River from a bridge (viewpoint1 on the map). This was a moment when the continuous rain stopped and a small part of blue sky appeared and reflected on the river.
山岳ルートを避け、阿武隈川沿いに一旦宮城県、丸森町に出ました。そこの橋から、阿武隈川 のきれいな光景を目にしました。ちょうど、雨がやみ、青空が少し覗き、川に反映した瞬間です。

P7232329 (560x420)
Above photo shows the border from Miyagi to Shinchi Town, Fukushima which is named Osawa Pass.
上の写真は、宮城から福島の新地町へ入るところで、大沢峠 と呼ばれています。

P7232340 (560x420)
Arriving at Shinchi Town, I could see beautiful green rice fields everywhere. Above photo shows such rice field with sea of clouds crawling above the ground far ahead.
新地町 に入ると、きれいな緑色の 田んぼ が、いっぱいです。写真も、その一つで、遠くに雨上がりの 雲海 が見えます。(国道6号より)
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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