【2014年3月15日】 田村市 の 太陽光発電所 (Mar. 15, 2014: Mega solar power plant at Tamura City, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、田村市にある、東日運送 三春物流センター の 太陽光発電所 を訪問しました。
Today I visited a mega solar power plant operated by Tohnichi Transport Company and located in Miharu Distribution Center at Tamura City. (Renewable energy part 1 continued.)

The location and the actual route were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)

20140315田村市メガソーラー (560x412)

今日の天気は快晴、行く途中の 三春町 の 三春ダム の展望台から、安達太良山 と さくら湖 がきれいに見えました。
It was a clear day today. On the way I stopped at Miharu Dam at Miharu Town. From the view spot above the Miharu Dam I could see beautiful Mt. Adatarayama and Lake Sakurako.

P3151277 (560x420)
安達太良(あだたら)山 です。( 三春ダム の山を登った展望台から。場所は、地図の☆1です。)
The above photo shows Mt. Adatarayama. The view was from a viewing spot on a small mountain over the Miharu Dam. Please refer to the red asterisk 1 on the map for the location.

P3151292 (560x413)
三春ダム でせき止められたダム湖の、さくら湖 です。
Above photo shows Lake Sakurako which was artificially made by the Miharu Dam.

本題に戻り、東日運送の 太陽光発電所 は、出力1.5MW、一般家庭450世帯分で、東北電力に売電しています。
Back to today's topic, the mega solar power plant by Tohnichi Transport Co. generated 1.5MW of electricity which covered 450 households. The electricity was sold to Tohoku Electric Power Co.

P3151299 (560x420)
写真は、田村市 西部の 大越牧野(おおごえまきの)工業団地 の案内図です。東日運送 の、太陽光発電所 は、⑥の場所で、標高510mの丘の上にあります。(場所は、地図の☆2です。)
Above picture shows the guide map of Ogoemakino Industrial Park in which the mega solar power plant of Tohnichi Transport Co. was shown as no. 6 area. This area was on the hill of height: 510m. The industrial park was located in the western part of Tamura City. Please refer to the red asterisk no.2 on the map for the location.

P3151311 (560x420)
There was a monument for the construction of the power plant near the entrance. There were two power plants no.1 $ 2 and the total power was 1.5MW.
P3151319 (560x420)

P3151326 (560x420)
東日運送 三春物流センタ の 太陽光発電所 ( メガソーラー )の、光景です。丘の上で、十分な太陽光を受けています。
Above pictures show the views of the power plant. All the solar panels were receiving plenty of sunlight on the hilltop.

【2012年11月25日】 田村市 風力発電所 など( Nov. 25, 2012: Wind Power Plant at Tamura City )

本日は、帰路の2日目として、川俣町 を出発して、二本松市 の 東和 、 田村市 の 船引 を経由して 田村市 の 針湯荘 へ。 国道349号 と 県道19号 経由で往路の逆コース。
Today, as the second day of back home, I left Kawamata Town and pedaled to Hariyuso Inn of Tamura City, via Towa area of Nihonmatsu City and Funehiki area of Tamura City. This was just the opposite course of outward tour using Route 349 and Pref. Road Route 19.

20121125川俣町から田村市針湯荘へgpsw (561x349)

PB252377 (561x421)
途中、休憩に 田村市 の市役所がある 船引 に寄りました。写真は、JR 磐越東線 の モダンな 船引駅 です。
On the way, I stopped at Funehiki area in which the City Hall of Tamura City was located. The picture shows elegant Funehiki Station of JR Ban-etsu East Line.

PB252380 (561x420)

PB252381 (561x421)
田村市 の 滝根町 に入ると、 阿武隈高地 の上に、上の写真のように、 風力発電 の風車が数多く見えます。 田村市 と 川内村 が設置した 風力発電所 です。実際は、20機以上見えました。
Entering Takinemachi area of Tamura City, I could find many wind turbines for wind power generation far on the Abukuma heights as shown in the pictures above. These were for the wind power plant which had been developed by Tamura City and Kawauchi Village. I could see more than 20 wind turbines.

PB252395 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、田村市 が運営する 公共の宿 の 針湯荘 。古い歴史のある 針湯鉱泉 があり、日帰り客も多くにぎわっていた。
Today, I stayed at Hariyuso Inn which was a public inn operated by Tamura City. It had historic Hariyu Mineral Spring bath and was clouded with day use guests.

【2012年11月20日】 田村市 の あぶくま洞 、 入水鍾乳洞 へ( Nov. 20, 2012: Abukuma and Irimizu Limestone Caves at Tamura City, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、雨天を想定して 田村市 にとどまる計画にしていた。雨天ではなかったので、田村市内の あぶくま洞 と 入水鍾乳洞 を訪れました。何れも、県道19号を少し南下すると入り口がある。GPSログの通り、 あぶくま洞 へは入り口から2km程で200mを登るきつい上りでした。
Today I originally planned to stay in Tamura City because I assumed this day would rain. However, since it did not rain, I decided to visit Abukuma and Irimizu Limestone Caves both of which were located in Tamura City. Both caves had entry point along the Route 19 towards south. As shown in the GPS log below, the road toward Abukuma Cave from the entry point was a hard 2km hill climb which went up 200m with 2km bike ride.

20121120田村市内あぶくま洞入水鍾乳洞gpsw (561x349)

PB202054 (561x421)

PB202065 (561x421)

PB202062 (561x421)

PB202101 (561x421)

PB202068 (561x421)
あぶくま洞 に入るまでの写真を5枚紹介します。県道19号から最初の写真の標識に従い入ると、2枚目の写真にあるきつい上り坂が2km余り続きます。到着すると3枚目の写真の看板が出迎えます。4枚目は周囲の外観で、石灰石の層が表面に見えます。最後の写真が洞内への入口です。
Five pictures are shown above before entering the Abukuma Cave. After entering the branch road according to the guide sign of the first picture then a hard hill climb road of more than 2km followed a part of which was shown in the second picture which was taken after the climb. Then Abukuma Cave sign board of the third picture welcomed me. The fourth picture shows a view at the top and I could find layers of limestone. The last picture shows the entrance to the cave.

PB202072 (561x421)

PB202076 (561x421)

PB202079 (561x421)

PB202087 (561x421)

PB202100 (561x421)
Five pictures are shown inside the cave. The cave consisted mainly of stalactite and underground water. The color was made by the unique light control system used.

PB202112 (561x421)

PB202127 (561x421)

PB202128 (561x421)
次に、 入水鍾乳洞 に入るまでの写真を3枚紹介します。県道19号を少し北に行き右折すると、最初の写真の歓迎ゲートがあります。少し登っていくと、2枚目の写真の入口がある。国指定の天然記念物で、3枚目の写真は、その説明です。
Next, three pictures are shown before entering to Irimizu Limestone Cave. When I went north for a while on the Route 19 and turned right then the welcome gate appeared as shown in the first picture. After some hill climb then the entrance to the cave appeared as shown in the second picture. As the picture tells, this cave had been designated as National Natural Monument. The third picture explains some detail.

PB202129 (561x421)

PB202130 (561x421)

PB202141 (561x421)

PB202139 (561x421)
Five pictures are shown inside the cave. Since this cave especially had abundance of underground water flowing inside, one with usual wear could only walk as far as the entry area. The last picture shows the limit of that point and from here on water comes up to one's waist.

PB202124 (561x421)

PB202122 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、 入水鍾乳洞 のすぐ近くにある写真の 星の村ふれあい館 。 田村市 が運営する 公共の宿 です。宿の向いに、2枚目の写真の遊歩道入口があります。宿の風呂は、温泉ではないが、「あぶくまの天然水」を加温したミネラル泉であり、湯ざめしにくい。
Today I stayed at Hoshinomura Fureai Inn which was located just adjacent to the Irimizu Limestone Cave as shown in the picture above. This public inn was operated by Tamura City. There was an entrance of nature promenade across the road. This inn did not have hot spring, instead it had a bath of heated mineral water called "Natural Water of Abukuma" and this bath kept me warm for a long time.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2021 
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