Tadami Line trip to Yanaizu and Nanukamachi, Dec. 15, 2017 (只見線 で 会津柳津 と 七日町 へ 2017年12月15日)

PC155435 (560x420)
Today I traveled to Yanaizu Town by JR Tadami Line to watch train view in snow. Photo above was a view in the town from viewpoint 1 in the map below. The location was about 40-minute walk from JR Aizuyanaizu Station.
本日は、JR只見線で柳津町に行き、雪景色の中の只見線を見ました。写真は、街中(地図のviewpoint 1)で見た只見線です。会津柳津駅から、雪道40分ほどです。

PC155456 (560x420)

PC155469 (560x420)
Tadami Line also ran through the back yard of historic Fukumankokuzo-Bosatsu Enzoji Temple in the town. Photos above show the train passing near the red bridge in the temple precinct. The location viewpoint 2 was shown in the map below.
只見線は、町の由緒ある福満虚空藏菩薩圓藏寺の裏を走ります。写真は、境内の赤い橋の脇を走る只見線です(地図のviewpoint 2)。

PC155492 (560x420)
On the way back home, I got off at Nanukamachi Station and walked through the traditional streets. I first stopped at Yamada Momen-orimoto as shown above, a traditional spinning factory of cotton cloth called “Aizumomen”, which started more than 100 years ago. The factory also has its small shop of wears and accessories made from the cotton cloth.

PC155494 (560x420)
Next, I stopped at Yamada Mingei workshop as shown above located just a block away. It was a traditional handicraft workshop of Okiagarikoboshi, a self-straighten up doll special for Aizu region. The shop is said to be the origin of all the similar workshops in Aizu and is dedicated to totally handmade, while some other workshops use machines in these days.
It took less than 2 hours walking through the street between Nanukamachi and Aizuwakamatsu Station stopping and shopping at the spinning factory and the handicraft workshop. Locations are shown in the second map below.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20171215会津柳津只見線 (560x420)

20171215会津木綿と小法師 (560x420)

Autumn scenery along Tadami Line, Oct. 29, 2015 (只見線 沿線の 秋 の風景 2015年10月29日)

Today I left Tadami Town and headed toward Nishiyama Onsen (=hot spring) in Yanaizu Town along the National Route 252. The route also paralleled with JR Tadami Line and the Tadami River.
本日は、只見町 を出て、柳津町の 西山温泉 に向かいました。国道252で行きましたが、JR只見線 と、只見川が並行しています。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151029只見から西山温泉 (560x420)

PA295263 (560x420)
On a bridge near JR Aizushiozawa Station, I could see the large Tadami River with a bridge for JR Tadami Line in the right and with Mt. Gamo in the back as shown above. However, Tadami Line train is not running over the bridge today due to recovery work suspension. Tadami Line recovery charity and support group is now working on recovery action.

PA295272 (560x420)
Picture above shows broad and quiet Tadami River with mountains in the back and local village of Oshi in the right. This view is from a viewpoint just ahead of JR Aizukawaguchi Station.

PA295277 (560x420)
There are more than 10 hydroelectric power plants along the Tadami River. Ueda Power Plant shown above is a medium scale hydroelectric power plant located near JR Aizunakagawa Station.

PA295289 (560x420)
(Tadami line on a bridge over the Tadami River, Mishima Town, Oct. 29, 2015, 只見線、鉄橋、只見川、三島町、2015/10/29)
There is a popular viewpoint of Tadami Line train traveling on a bridge over Tadami River in Mishima Town. Picture above was taken from the viewpoint today. The train was surrounded by autumn colors.
三島町 に、只見線 の電車が、只見川 の 鉄橋 を渡る、人気の展望場所があります。上の写真は、本日そこから、撮ったものです。電車は、秋の色に包まれています。

PA295306 (560x420)
Finally I arrived at Nishiyama Onsen in Yanaizu Town. The whole hot spring site is covered with autumn colors as shown above.
柳津町 の 西山温泉 に着きました。温泉郷全体が、写真のように、紅葉に包まれていました。

PA295321 (560x420)
I stayed at Takinoyu Inn tonight which is located beside the Takiya River with beautiful autumn leaves as shown above. The inn is a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns and has its own best quality chloride hot spring sources. It really was an excellent and refreshing bath.
今日の宿は、滝谷川 の脇にある、滝の湯 です。日本秘湯を守る会 の会員で、独自の塩化物泉の源泉を持っています。大変良いお湯でした。

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Up: 6.6%, gained altitude: 587m)
下の地図で、ルートの距離や標高を見ることができます。(上り 6.6%、獲得標高587m)

【2013年6月11日】 柳津町 の柳津西山地熱発電所 、そして 西山温泉 へ( June 11, 2013: To Yanaizu-Nishiyama Geothermal Power Station and then to Nishiyama Onsen at Yanaizu Town, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、日中温泉 を出発し、会津坂下 (あいづばんげ)町を経由し、柳津 (やないづ)町に入る。 柳津町 では、柳津西山地熱発電所 に寄り、 西山温泉 に泊まる。
Today I left Nitchu Onsen and pedaled to Yanaizu Town. I stopped at Aizubange Town on the way. Arriving at Yanaizu Town I visited Yanaizu-Nishiyama Geothermal Power Station and then stayed at Nishiyama Onsen.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130611日中温泉から西山温泉へ (561x366)

P6114525 (412x561)

P6114541 (561x421)
会津坂下町 では、国指定重要文化財の写真の 立木観音堂 を訪ねた。この中にある 立木千手観音 (撮影禁止)は、808年に作られ、ころり観音 として知られる。
At Aizubange Town I visited Tachiki Kannon Temple which was a National important cultural property as shown in the pictures. The statue of Tachiki Senju Kannon which stood inside the temple (taking picture was prohibited) had been built in the year 808 and had been famous as "Korori" Kannon which meant being healthy until one's death.

P6114545 (561x421)

P6114595 (561x421)
このあと、国道252号 の七折峠トンネルや松倉トンネルを通るが、何れも写真のように十分な広さの自歩道があり、自転車も安全に通れて有難い。
Then I went through two tunnels along the National Route 252, and I was grateful that both tunnels had side road which had enough space for safety of bikes as shown in the pictures above.

P6114553 (561x421)

P6114558 (561x421)

P6114564 (561x421)

P6114568 (561x421)
次に柳津町 に入り、福満(ふくまん)虚空藏尊 を訪ねる。写真のように、柳津町 の道路脇の高台にあり、境内には、赤ペコ 発祥の地として、大きな赤ペコ(母)や、撫でると大きなご利益がある 開運撫牛 (なでうし)もある。
Then, after I arrived at Yanaizu Town I first visited Fukuman Kokuzo Temple. The temple stood on the height along the road, and in the temple garden I could find Large Akabeko doll (=mother) which told Yanaizu was the home of Akabeko. I could also find "Nadeushi" which was a large lying statue of a cow and which gave good luck to all who passed hand over gentry.

P6114571 (561x421)

P6114579 (561x421)
また、この奥にある、写真の 奥乃院辨天堂 は、1393年の室町時代に建てられ、国指定重要文化財である。
There was another Okunoin Benten Temple in the back yard which was a National important cultural property. This temple had been built in 1393 which was Muromachi Era.

P6114585 (561x421)

P6114587 (561x421)

P6114591 (561x421)
このすぐ先の国道252号 わきに、写真の道の駅「 会津柳津 」がある。この中には、 福満虚空蔵尊 の 赤ペコ の娘もいた。
There was "Aizu-Yanaizu" Road Station just ahead along the National Route 252. I could find daughter Akabeko doll which was a daughter of the mother in Fukuman Kokuzo Temple.

次に、柳津西山地熱発電所 を訪ねた。ここは、出力65000kWの国内最大の地熱発電所である。通常は、無人運転。周辺の温泉への影響は今の所無いとされています。
Then I visited Yanaizu-Nishiyama Geothermal Power Station of 65000kw which was the largest in japan. The plant was usually unmanned and remote controlled. It was believed to have little concern over adjacent hot springs.

P6114600 (561x421)

P6114609 (561x421)

P6114610 (561x421)
地熱発電所 の近くになると、道脇に写真のような、地熱 の蒸気を送る配管が見られる。
I could find pipelines for sending geothermal steam along the road becoming closer to the plant.

P6114618 (561x421)
地熱発電所 は、標高400mの高台にあり、上の写真は入口の標識です。
The geothermal power station stood on a height of 400m and the picture above shows the entrance sign.

P6114622 (561x421)
Going inside I could find a building the third floor of which contained turbine generator.

P6114632 (561x421)
The steam was then cooled at cooling towers on the building shown above.

P6114629 (561x420)
The generated electric power then goes through transformer behind the building and finally be sent out to the power line shown in the picture.

P6114626 (561x421)

P6114628 (561x421)
There also stood PR Hall for people in general adjacent to the plant.

P6114647 (561x420)

P6114642 (561x421)

P6114657 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、地熱発電所 から2km程下ったところの 西山温泉 の 滝の湯 に泊まる。この宿は、日本秘湯の会 会員宿であり、写真の滝谷川沿いにあり、豊かな自然環境の中で、大変良い掛け流し温泉に入れる。写真の露天風呂も川沿いにあります。
Tonight I stayed at Takinoyu Inn of Nishiyama Onsen as shown in the pictures above which was located about 2km below the geothermal power station. This inn was a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns and stood along Takiya River. I could take a best overflowing hot spring bath surrounded by full nature. The open air bath lay also along the river.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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