Excellent autumn leaves at Fukushima Geihinkan, Oct. 31, 2015 (福島県迎賓館 の 紅葉、沼上発電所 の 紅葉 2015年10月31日)

Today, on the way back to Koriyama from Aizuwakamatsu, I stopped at Fukushima Geihinkan, Inawashiro Town. Autumn leaves were splendid in the garden. Further on the way, I also met with beautiful autumn colors along the National Route 49 near the exit of Nakayama Tunnel and also at Numagami Hydroelectric Power Plant.
今日は、会津若松から郡山に戻る途中、猪苗代町にある、福島県迎賓館 に寄りました。紅葉が大変きれいでした。更にその先、国道49号沿いに、中山トンネル付近や、沼上発電所で、きれいな紅葉に出会いました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151031迎賓館他 (560x420)

PA315349 (560x420)

PA315437 (560x420)

PA315379 (560x417)
(Fukushima Geihinkan, Inawashiro Town, autumn leaves, 10/31, 2015, 福島県迎賓館、紅葉、猪苗代町、2015/10/31)
Fukushima Geihinkan is a former Imperial Villa located just beside Lake Inawashiro. It was built in 1922 and later in 1952 it was given to Fukushima Pref. It includes a large beautiful garden with a spectacular view of Lake Inawashiro. It is also designated as a National Important Cultural Property. In this season autumn leaves create beautiful scenery including the building and the garden as shown above.

PA315388 (560x418)
From the garden I also found several wind turbines rotating on a mountain far on the right. These belong to Aizuwakamatsu Windfarm which generates 16MW of electric power.

PA315514 (560x420)
Leaving Fukushima Geihinkan, I pedaled along the northern shore of Lake Inawashiro to the east. Pedaling through Nakayama Tunnel to the exit, I was already in Koriyama City and colorful mountainside came into my eyes as shown above.

PA315529 (560x420)
(Numagami Power Plant, autumn leaves, Koriyama City, 10/31, 2015 沼上発電所、紅葉、郡山市、2015/10/31)
Soon after, I passed beside Numagami Hydroelectric Power Plant on the left and it was also surrounded by beautiful autumn colors as shown above. It is the second oldest hydroelectric power plant in Fukushima and it contributed heavily to the development of Koriyama City. Water from Lake Inawashiro through Asaka Canal is used for the power generation.

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Up: 6.1%, gained altitude: 431m)
下の地図で、ルートの距離や標高を見ることができます。(上り 6.1%、獲得標高431m)

Renewed Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall & Aizu Matsudaira Family Tombs, May 21, 2015 (新装の野口英世記念館、及び会津松平家院内御廟、2015年5月21日)

Today I visited Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum at Inawashiro Town. It was renewed and reopened in this April. Next, I visited Aizu Lord Matsudaira Family Tombs in Aizuwakamatsu City. I saw a tremendous figure on the stone monument of each lord.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150521野口記念松平墓所 (560x477)

Hideyo Noguchi was born in Inawashiro Town in 1876, and died in Ghana (West Africa) in 1928. He became a world famous doctor and bacteriologist. His birthplace close to the shore of Lake Inawashiro has been well preserved until today in the back of the memorial hall.

P5211464 (560x419)

P5211503 (560x419)

P5211505 (560x420)
Above photos are the new Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall, his stone monument, and his birthplace.

Then I stopped at Aizu Bukeyashiki where some of the old houses in samurai period were preserved.

P5211543 (560x419)

P5211546 (560x420)
Above photo shows tea ceremony house called Rinkaku. This is the reproduction of the real one in Tsurugajo Castle. The atmosphere of the house was quiet and aesthetic.

At last I visited Aizu Clan Lord Matsudaira Family Tombs in Aizuwakamatsu City. Aizu Matsudaira Family had started from Masayuki Hoshina in 1643 followed by eight lords and the last lord was Katamori Matsudaira. Since Masayuki was a brother of the third Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa, Matsudaira Family was very close to the Tokugawa Shogunate. This site is designated as National Historic Site.

P5211551 - コピー (3) (560x418)

P5211551 - コピー (2) (560x421)

P5211588 (560x419)

P5211582 (560x419)
There was a very large stone figure of turtle like divine beast on the bottom of each stone monument as shown above. These were really powerful and amazing.

P5211595 (560x420)

P5211569 (560x420)
Also, the grave field was covered with full bloom of Iris japonica as shown above.

Aizu clan school Nisshinkan, the new FruiTea train, and beautiful cherry blossoms along Kannonji River, April 25, 2015 (会津藩校日新館、フルーティア、そして観音寺川 の満開の桜、2015年4月25日)

Today, on the way home from Kitakata City I stopped at three different places: an old Aizu clan school Nisshinkan, a new train FruiTea viewpoint, and beautiful cherry blossoms along Kannonji River in Inawashiro Town.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
">20150425日新館と観音寺川桜 (560x420)

First, I stopped at Nisshinkan in Aizuwakamatsu City. This is an old Aizu clan school established in 1803. The original school stood beside Tsurugajo Castle. But this had been burned down at Boshin Civil War. The current one was rebuilt afterward to reproduce and commemorate the school.

P4250946 (560x420)
Above photo shows the south gate of Nisshinkan.

20150425水連場 (560x421)
Above photo shows the first swimming pool in Japan.

20150425天文台 (560x421)
Above photo shows a rare astronomical observatory in those days.

P4250951 (560x420)
Above photo shows a study scene of astronomy in Nisshinkan.

P4250964 (560x420)
There also was a realistic display of a scale model of the original Tsurugajo Castle damaged badly at Boshin Civil War.

P4250988 (560x421)
I left Nisshinkan and then stopped at Roadside Station Bandai. There I could see the first FruiTea train bound for Aizuwakamatsu. Above photo shows the FruiTea new train cars connected on the back of regular local train. The mountain in the back is Mt. Bandai.

P4251019 (560x420)

P4251041 (560x420)

P4251013 (560x420)
My final stop was Kannonji River in Inawashiro Town. Hundreds of Cherry trees along the river were in full bloom as shown in the above pictures. This is one of the most famous places of cherry blossoms in Fukushima.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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