Oze marsh in early summer, June 19, 2017 (初夏の尾瀬湿原を歩く 2017年6月19日)

P6195226 (560x420)
The second day at Oze National Park was a day of trail trekking through marshes between Onsengoya and Lake Ozenuma. Photo above shows Minezakura cherry trees, a kind of alpine cherry tree, bloom beautiful in the garden of a mountain lodge right beside Lake Ozenuma. Now, the water of Lake Ozenuma flows out via the Nushiri River which then flows into Ozegahara Marsh. The water from Ozegahara Marsh flows through Hiraname and Sanjo Falls and finally makes the Tadami River.

Some of the views and flowers along the trail are shown below.

P6195182 (560x420)
Photo above shows yellow marsh marigold flowers bloom all over the marsh field along the trail.

P6195170 (560x421)
Skunk cabbage is a symbol of Oze National Park because the flowers are seen everywhere in the marshes during May. However, some late flowers still bloom during this time of June as shown above.

P6195183 (560x419)
Mount Shibutsu (2228m) is another symbol of Oze and the beautiful landscape can be seen closely from the trail as shown above. (Actually, Oze National Park has four of the best 100 mountains in Japan: Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hiuchigatake, Mt. Aizukomagatake, and Mt. Hiragatake.)

P6195188 (560x420)
One of early summer alpine flowers, Tateyama gentian could be seen in small clusters as shown above.

P6195197 (560x389)
A board shown above told us that Oze National Park was designated as a special version of National Natural Monument in 1960 in order for special preservation.

Tonight, I stayed at Ozenuma Hut mountain lodge shown in the beginning.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170619尾瀬湿原 (560x421)

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below.

Alpine flowers at Mt. Tashiro, June 15, 2016 (初夏の 田代山 の 花々 2016年6月15日)

P6159407 (560x420)
Photo above shows red type of Enkianthus campanulatus or Benisarasa-Dodan in Japanese, many of which were found along Mt. Tashiro trail today. They were in full bloom.

P6159366 (560x420)
On the ground along the trail, I could see a number of Cornus canadense or Gozentachibana in Japanese as shown above.

P6159357 (560x420)

P6159362 (560x420)

P6159387 (560x420)
I walked along the trail to Mt. Tashiro which belongs to Oze National Park. Pictures above show views of the starting point, the trail, and the summit of the mountain which is 1926m above sea level. It was a little rainy and foggy day up on the mountain but no wind. I took a shuttle taxi service operated by the town (Minamiyama Kanko) between Yunohana Onsen and the starting point of the trail which was about 15km apart. The fare was 2,000-yen one way.

Along the trail, I could see some other plants and flowers as shown below.

P6159369 (560x420)
I found a small group of monotropastrum humile or Ginryoso in Japanese as shown above.

P6159415 (560x420)
I found some of flower trees called Menziesia multiflora or Urajiro-yoraku in Japanese as shown above.

On the summit of the mountain, there was a large marsh plain. Some alpine flowers I found there are shown below.

P6159402 (560x420)
Photo above shows a kind of Gentiana called Tateyama-Rindo in Japanese. Many of them were found there.

P6159382 (560x420)
Photo above shows Andromeda polifolia or Himeshakunage in Japanese. Many of them were found there.

P6159396 (560x420)
Photo above shows flowers of Eriophorum vaginatum or Watasuge in Japanese.

P6159409 (560x420)
Photo above shows flowers of avens or Chinguruma in Japanese. The plain was a large habitat of the plant, but most flowers were already gone, and these were the only left.

P6159404 (560x420)
I left the marsh plain of Mt. Tashiro and walked along the trail toward Mt. Taishaku for a short while. Once I entered into the trail, I found plants called Pteridophyllum racemosum or Osabagusa in Japanese scattered in the wood.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20160615田代山 (560x420)

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below.

【2014年7月14日】 会津駒ヶ岳 と 湿原 の 花 (July 14, 2014: Flowers in the marsh at the top of Mt. Aizu-komagatake, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、会津駒ヶ岳 の頂上付近に広がる 湿原 を訪ねました。昨夜の宿の近くの、滝沢登山口から登りました。
Today I visited the marsh near the top of Mt. Aizu-komagatake. I started to climb from Takizawa Gate which was close to the inn last night.

The location and the actual route of walk were shown in the map below. (The route data were from GPS log data. The details of the map and the altitude data can be seen by clicking the map.)
20140714会津駒ヶ岳 (560x419)

P7146390 (560x420)
会津駒ヶ岳 は、日本百名山 の1つで、地図で示した頂上付近に 湿原 や 池塘 が広がり、花や昆虫などが豊富です。桧枝岐村 の、写真の 滝沢登山口 (会津バスのバス停があります)から、片道約9kmの徒歩で頂上付近に到着します。
Mt. Aizu-komagatake is one of the best 100 selected mountains in Japan. Near the top of the mountain as shown in the map marsh and ponds extended in large area and there were many flowers and insects around there.

P7146444 (560x420)
Above photo shows a view of the marsh and ponds. Since it was cloudy and foggy today visibility was not good as shown in the picture. I found many flowers there and I listed some of them below.

P7146420 (560x419)
まず、写真の イワイチョウ (岩銀杏)です。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 イワイチョウ 2014/7/14)
First, above photo shows white flowers of Nephrophyllidium.

P7146476 (560x420)
次に、紫色の花が咲く、ハクサンコザクラ (白山小桜)がたくさんありました。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 ハクサンコザクラ 2014/7/14)
Next I found many small purple flowers of Primula cuneifolia.

P7146414 (560x420)
また、6月までがピークの、サンカヨウ (山荷葉)が林の中に残っていました。花びらが、透き通っていました。
I also found flowers of umbrella leaf which was supposed to end by June in wood area. The flowers looked transparent.

P7146467 (560x420)
他の 湿原 では、5月に咲き終わっている、ショウジョウバカマ (猩猩袴)の花もまだ健在でした。雪解けが遅いためです。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 ショウジョウバカマ 2014/7/14)
I also found pink pretty flowers of Heloniopsis orientalis. These flowers had already been ended during May in most marshes. Here they bloom late due to late thaw.

P7146455 (560x420)
イワカガミ (岩鏡)もたくさんありました。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 イワカガミ 2014/7/14)
I also found many pink flowers of Iwakagami.

P7146494 (560x419)
木道を歩いていると、目の前に クジャクチョウ がとまりました。羽を広げると、大変きれいです。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 クジャクチョウ 2014/7/14)
When I was walking on the wooden path a peacock butterfly stopped on the path in front of me. The peacock butterfly was beautiful when it fully opened both wings.

P7146511 (560x419)
また、池塘 の周辺では、モリアオガエル が盛んに鳴いています(鳴き声)。池塘 のへりには、卵塊 も見られました。良く見ると、写真のように、残雪の下のぬれた枯草の上に一匹いました。色は、保護色で、緑ではなく、茶色です。 ( 会津駒ヶ岳 モリアオガエル 2014/7/14)
I heard many sounds from forest tree green frogs near the ponds. I also found some clusters of their eggs at the edge of the ponds. I listened carefully and found one of them under the remaining snow on the wet dead grasses. The color was brown instead of green this time because of protective coloration.

P7146501 (560x420)
最後に、会津駒ヶ岳 (高さ2132m)の 頂上 の写真です。登山で、往復18kmは、かなり疲れました。
At last above photo shows the top of Mt. Aizu-komagatake which was 2132m high. This time 18km round trip up and down the mountain exhausted me much.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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