Lala mew and Halal restaurant in Iwaki, Dec. 14, 2017 (いわき市 らら・ミュウと ハラル食堂 2017年12月14日)

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Today I participated in a group study tour of Omotenashi Guide Fukushima, which was a voluntary group of interpreter guides for Fukushima, and visited Iwaki City. It was a clear day with spectacular blue sky in Iwaki today, while other regions of Fukushima (Aizu and central area) were still chilly with snow and clouds. Photo above shows a sunny ocean view of Aquamarine Aquarium and Marine Bridge at Onahama Port.

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The ocean view was taken from Iwaki Lala mew as shown above, which was Iwaki City tourism and products center. On the 2nd floor of the center, a large exhibition of traces Iwaki had experienced toward recovery and reconstruction of the region was being displayed. Anybody can visit and see the exhibits to learn the facts of the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant accident and the recovery.

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Then we visited a new Halal restaurant opened this year in Yumoto district of the city. It was located 5-minute walk from Yumoto Station of JR Joban Line. The restaurant was certified by Halal Certification Committee that all items in the menu were qualified as Halal. We had curry dishes for lunch, which was extremely healthy and excellent in taste with reasonable price (\700-800).

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20171214いわき研修 (560x420)

In the town of Shinchi, Mt. Karozan and others, July 24, 2015, (新地町で、鹿狼山など 2015年7月24日)

Today, I pedaled around the town of Shinchi including the coastline, historic site, and finally Mt. Karozan.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150724新地町 (560x417)

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First, I pedaled along the border with Soma City in the south and found some mega solar power plants. Above photo was one of them in Koyo Industrial park.

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Then I pedaled along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. A long seawall stretched along the road as shown above, therefore I could not sea the ocean from the road. This was the same as I pedaled along the coastline of Iwaki City this January.

P7242366 (560x420)
But small portion of the shoreline is still left open as shown above.

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There is a historic site more than 4000 years ago in this town. This site is called Shinchi Kaizuka Site as shown above. Kaizuka means ancient shell mound. The site had already been studied enough and today the area is used as farmland. This site was designated as National Historic Site.

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Then I moved to the slope of Mt. Karozan (430m) which is an iconic mountain of this town. Above photos show a description and a scene of the mountain today.

P7242394 (560x420)
There were some nice hiking trails on the slope to the peak of the mountain and I started to walk. I found that this mountain is one of the best 100 greens of Fukushima as the stone shows in the picture above.

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Though the best season for flowers has gone but still some (Hydrangea and Lilium auratum) were left as shown above. 

【2015年1月25日】 いわき市の美しい海岸線とフタバスズキリュウ (Jan. 25, 2015: Beautiful coastline of Iwaki City and Futabasaurus suzukii, Fukushima)

Today I pedaled along the coastline of Iwaki City from south (Onahama Port) to the north end (Hisanohama District). And then on the way back I stopped at Iwaki City Museum and met with a large skeleton of a dinosaur found in this city. This article is about the second day in Iwaki City.

The location and the route (GPS data) are shown in the map below. You can scale up or down by clicking the map.
20150125いわき海岸 (560x420)

P1259356 (560x420)
Pedaling toward north I first found a small fishing port called Nakanosaku Port shown above.

P1259376 (560x420)
更に北に進むと、塩屋崎灯台(右手奥)が見えてきます。 (塩屋崎灯台 いわき市 2015/1/25)
Pedaling further north I found Shioyazaki Lighthouse in the far right beyond the sea.

P1259400 (560x420)

P1259407 (560x420)
更に北の久ノ浜地区に進むと、美しい波立(はったち)海岸があります。(波立海岸 いわき市 2015/1/25) 展望台もあり、写真はそこから撮りました。このように、いわき市の海岸線には、美しい光景がたくさんあります。(一部、防潮堤の新設で海岸が見えない部分もあります。)
At the end of today's coastline travel I arrived at the beautiful Hattachi beach. There was an observation bridge over the National Route 6 and I took the above two pictures. So there are many beautiful scenes along the Iwaki coastline. (Some parts of the coastline are hidden because of newly built tsunami barriers.)

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Next I stopped at Iwaki City Museum which features coal and fossils as shown above. Here is a display of a large skeleton of a dinosaur called Futabasaurus suzukii which was discovered in 1968 in this city by a high-school student named Suzuki. This was the biggest discovery of ancient dinosaurs in Japan.

P1259429 (560x420)
内部に、その骨が展示されています。(フタバサウルス スズキイ いわき市 石炭・化石館 2015/1/25) 2006年に、フタバサウルススズキイという学名が与えられました。恐竜全盛期の白亜紀のものです。館内には、この他に、世界各国の恐竜の骨の展示もあります。
In the first floor of the museum there was a display of large skeleton of Futabasaurus suzukii as shown above. The name was given in 2006. The dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous period in which most large dinosaurs lived. There were also displays of other dinosaurs in the world as well.
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