【2013年7月4日】 3度目 浄土平 へ、 鎌沼 へ、そして 鷲倉温泉 へ( July 4, 2013: To Kamanuma of Jododaira, Fukushima Pref.)

本日も(3度目)、 磐梯吾妻スカイライン で、 浄土平 へ。 鎌沼 まで徒歩で往復(3時間)後、 土湯峠 の 鷲倉温泉 まで戻る。
Today I again pedaled to Jododaira by Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road. Then I walked and climbed up to Kamanuma Pond the round time of which was 3 hours. And then I returned to Washikura Hot Spring at Tsuchiyu Pass.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130704鷲倉温泉浄土平往復 (561x351)

本日の 磐梯吾妻スカイライン は、昨日の霧や雨に替り、曇り時々晴れでした。その光景を紹介します。
Today it was cloudy with some sunshine's different from yesterday's fog and rain. Some views on the way are shown below.

P7045627 (561x421)
中央に見えるのが、安達太良山 です。
You can see Mt. Adatara in the center.

P7045631 (561x421)
I could see a sea of clouds in other direction.

P7045636 (561x421)
見えるのが、登ってきた 磐梯吾妻スカイライン です。
I could see the winding road of Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road I just climbed up.

P7045640 (561x421)
磐梯山 が良く見えます。
Mt. Bandaisan could be seen beautifully.

P7045656 (561x421)
磐梯山 とその左に、猪苗代湖 が広がっています。
You can see Lake Inawashiro on the left of Mt. Bandaisan.

P7045677 (561x420)
浄土平 に着き、活火山の 一切経山 を右手に見ながら、鎌沼 に向かって登山します。
Arriving at Jododaira I started to climb the mountain toward Kamanuma Pond seeing Mt.Issaikyosan on the right.

New flowers I found this time are shown below. There were 7 of them.

P7045714 (561x421)

P7045712 (561x421)
まず、ハクサンチドリ (白山千鳥)です。一輪しか見ませんでした。
First, I found only one showy orchis as shown in the pictures below.

P7045717 (561x420)

P7045715 (561x422)
次に、イワオトギリ (岩弟切)です。これも、一か所しかみませんでした。
Next was Iwaotogiri with yellow flowers. I could find them at only one spot.

P7045739 (561x421)

P7045738 (561x421)
次は、シラタマノキ (白玉の木)です。周辺の、ガンコウラン (岩高蘭)のなかの白い花です。
Next was shiratamanoki with white flowers. You can see them surrounded by crowberry.

P7045744 (561x421)

P7045750 (561x421)
次は、ミヤマリンドウ (深山竜胆)です。全体に、まだ少ないです。
Next I found Miyamarindo. I found few of them.

P7045759 (561x421)
鎌沼の写真です。手前の白い花は、コバイケイソウ です。
Picture below shows Kamanuma Pond. White flowers in front were white hellebores.

P7045778 (561x420)

P7045773 (561x421)
続けて、次は、チングルマ (珍車)です。鎌沼 からの帰り道の一部に集中していました。
Next was avens. They could be seen only in one area on the return route.

P7045789 (561x421)

P7045791 (561x422)
次に、アカモノ (赤物)です。何か所かに分散して見られました。
Next was Akamono with white flowers. I could see them in several areas.

P7045784 (561x420)
最後に、ナナカマド (七竈)です。花は、比較的少なかった。
Last one was mountain ash. I could see few flowers.

P7045706 (561x421)

P7045704 (561x421)

P7045695 (561x421)
前に紹介した花で、イワカガミ (岩鏡)がたくさん群生していました。
I found Iwakagamis on July 2 in different area. This time I found far more iwakagamis as shown above.

P7045762 (561x421)
ワタスゲ と イワカガミ が見られます。
In the picture above you can see Iwakagamis and cotton grasses.

P7045673 (561x420)
ハクサンシャクナゲ もたくさんあります。
I found Many Hakusan rhododendrons.

P7045796 (561x421)
ゴゼンタチバナ (御前橘)もたくさんあります。
Trientalis europeeas (Japanese name was gozentachibana) could be seen here and there.

P7045800 (561x420)

P7045803 (561x421)
帰り道の 磐梯山 もきれいでした。
I could see beautiful Mt. bandaisan again on return route to Tsuchiyu Pass as shown above.

P7045622 (561x421)

P7045625 (561x421)

P7045826 (561x420)

P7045817 (561x421)
本日の宿は、写真の 鷲倉温泉 です。日本秘湯を守る会の会員宿で、写真のように裏庭に、自前の源泉を2種持っています。 自転車は、親切に、宿の玄関の中に入れてもらえました。写真の露天風呂は、弱硫黄泉で、源泉の良さが身に沁みます。
Today I stayed at Washikura-Onsen Inn as shown in the pictures above. This inn was a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns and had two kinds of hot spring sources of its own. They kindly let my bike stay inside the door. Open air bath shown in the picture below was lite sulfur spring and I could feel the best quality of the spring source.

【2013年7月3日】 再び 浄土平 へ、桶沼へ 、そして 野地温泉 へ( July 3, 2013: To Okenuma of Jododaira, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、再び、磐梯吾妻スカイライン で、浄土平 まで行き、桶沼 を散策し、そのあと、土湯峠の 野地温泉 まで戻る。最初は霧だったが、天気予報より早く雨が降り出し、昼からはどしゃぶりになった。
Today, I again pedaled to Jododaira by Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road, and took a walk to Okenuma (which meant Oke Pond). And then I returned to Noji Onsen of Tsuchiyu Pass area. At first it was only foggy but it started to rain earlier than weather forecast said and the rain became torrential from noon.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130703野路温泉浄土平往復 (561x352)

P7035586 (561x421)
本日の 磐梯吾妻スカイライン は、写真のように30m先も見えない濃霧でした。まもなく雨が降り出し寒くなり、レインウエアをフルに着込み、その下に夏用の薄ジャージを3枚重ね着してちょうど良くなった。浄土平の気温は、通常、平地より約10℃低い。
It was a dense fog on the Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road so that only 30m around was visible. It started to rain and became cold soon after and I put full set of my rain wares under which I wore three lite summer jerseys. Usually temperature at Jodadaira is 10 degrees Celsius lower than plains.

P7035608 (561x414)

P7035605 (561x421)

P7035610 (561x378)
浄土平に到着し、一番近い 写真の 桶沼 (おけぬま) へ行った。
Arriving at Jododaira I walked to Okenuma as shown in pictures above.

P7035602 (561x421)
上の写真は、桶沼 の近くから見た、噴気を上げる標高1974mの 東吾妻山 です。
The picture above shows a view of Mt. Higashiazuma (1974m) letting out gas and steam seen from Okenuma.

I found new flowers around Okenuma.

P7035599 (561x421)
まず、赤い花の ベニバナイチヤクソウ (紅花一薬草) です。一輪だけ見つけました。
First, it was Benibana-Ichiyakso which had red flowers. I only found one.

P7035594 (561x421)
次に、ゴゼンタチバナ (御前橘) です。たくさん咲いていました。
Next, it was Gozentachibana. I found many of them.

P7035591 (561x421)

P7035596 (561x421)
最後に、マイヅルソウ (舞鶴草) です。これもたくさんありました。
Maizuruso was the last one. I also found many of them.

P7035595 (561x421)
昨日と同じく、ハクサンシャクナゲ (白山石楠花) もありました。
I also found Hakusan rhododendron the same as yesterday.

Since the rain became torrential and I could not take pictures any more without getting wet I decided to return. I pedaled very slowly for the downhill thus I could arrive at today's inn safely but the brake shoes worn down with black powder. (I also had spare shoes in case of the worst case.)

P7035617 (561x419)
今夜の宿は、野地温泉 の写真の 野地温泉ホテル 。自前の50℃の源泉による、硫黄泉で、新野地温泉に比べ、柔らかいやさしい湯でした。
Tonight I stayed at Noji-Onsen Hotel as shown in the picture above. They had their own sulfur spring source of 50 degrees Celsius. The hot spring water here was gentler than that of yesterday's Shinnoji Onsen.

【2013年7月2日】 磐梯吾妻スカイライン で 浄土平 へ、そして 新野地温泉 へ( July 2, 2013: To Jododaira Height via Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road, Fukushima Pref. )

本日は、中ノ沢温泉を出発し、国道115号経由で 土湯峠 に行き、そこから 磐梯吾妻スカイライン で、標高1600mの 浄土平 までいく。湿原を散策のあと、引き返して土湯峠の 新野地温泉 へ泊まる。上り 斜度 5%、獲得標高 1049mの登りでした。
Today, I left Nakanosawa Onsen and pedaled to Tsuchiyu Pass by the National Route 115. And then by Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road I climbed up to Jododaira Height of 1600m. After walking around Jododaira Marsh I returned to Tsuchiyu Pass and stayed at Shinnoji Onsen. It was a hard ride for me with average slope of 5% and elevation gain of 1049m.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130702中ノ沢温泉浄土平新野路温泉 (561x364)

P7025397 (561x420)

P7025388 (561x421)
磐梯吾妻スカイライン は、有料道路ですが、現在は写真の通り無料開放中である。自転車 も150円の料金だが、今回は無料で通れました。この道路は、写真のように 日本の道100選 に入り、景色が良いことで有名です。
Although Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road had been a toll road, they opened this road for free as shown in the picture above. Bike was also free instead of 150-yen fee. This road was famous for its beautiful scenery and had been selected one of best 100 roads of Japan.

Some of the views on the way are shown in the pictures below.

P7025407 (561x421)
The road went through fresh green leaves.

P7025420 (561x328)

P7025566 (561x421)

P7025567 (561x420)
名所の 双竜の辻 と、そこから見た、安達太良山 と雲の中の 磐梯山。
The pictures above show the famous Soryunotsuji Spot and views from here of Mt. Adatara and Mt. Bandaisan in clouds.

P7025438 (561x421)

P7025437 (561x421)
道端には、黄色い花の ミヤコグサ が。
I could see many bird's foot trefoils which had yellow flowers on the roadside.

P7025445 (561x421)

P7025449 (561x421)

P7025451 (561x420)
標高1600mを越えると、道端に コバイケイソウ の花が。
After I passed the height of 1600m, I found many white hellebores on the roadside.

P7025454 (561x421)

P7025461 (561x421)
更に、道端に白い花の ツマトリソウ もたくさん。
I Also found many Trientalis europeeas which had white flowers on the roadside.

P7025464 (561x421)

P7025480 (561x421)

P7025485 (561x421)

P7025488 (561x420)

P7025539 (561x510)
道路最高地点の標高1622mを過ぎて、まもなく 浄土平 へ。ここの、レストハウスで一休みして、ビジターセンタで花の情報を聞いて、浄土平湿原 を散策。
Soon after I passed the highest point of the road which was 1622m, I arrived at Jododaira Height. I took a rest at the Jododaira Rest house and gathered information about flowers here and then walked around the Jododaira marsh.

What I could find there was shown below.

P7025557 (561x421)

P7025519 (561x421)

P7025546 (561x421)
マルバシモツケ は、満開でした。
Marubashimotsukes were in full bloom.

P7025497 (561x420)

P7025521 (561x421)

P7025524 (561x420)
次に、イソツツジ もたくさん咲いていました。
I could find many Isotsutsujis in bloom.

P7025528 (561x420)

P7025522 (561x421)
イワカガミ も見られました。
I also could find some Iwakagamis.

P7025560 (561x421)

P7025554 (561x420)
ハクサンシャクナゲ が咲きはじめていました。
Hakusan rhododendron was starting to bloom.

P7025543 (561x420)
黄色い花の ハナニガナ も咲きはじめです。
Hananigana which had yellow flowers was also starting to bloom.

P7025390 (561x421)

P7025585 (561x420)
本日の宿は、土湯峠 にある 新野地温泉 の写真の 相模屋旅館。日本秘湯を守る会 の会員宿です。硫黄泉で、浴室の外に見える噴気が88℃の源泉です。
Today I stayed at Sagamiya Inn shown in the picture above of Shinnoji Onsen at Tsuchiyu Pass. The inn was a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns. Sulfur hot spring of 88 degrees Celsius was coming out naturally from the yard behind the bath as shown in the picture.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2021 
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