Autumn scenery along Tadami Line, Oct. 29, 2015 (只見線 沿線の 秋 の風景 2015年10月29日)

Today I left Tadami Town and headed toward Nishiyama Onsen (=hot spring) in Yanaizu Town along the National Route 252. The route also paralleled with JR Tadami Line and the Tadami River.
本日は、只見町 を出て、柳津町の 西山温泉 に向かいました。国道252で行きましたが、JR只見線 と、只見川が並行しています。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151029只見から西山温泉 (560x420)

PA295263 (560x420)
On a bridge near JR Aizushiozawa Station, I could see the large Tadami River with a bridge for JR Tadami Line in the right and with Mt. Gamo in the back as shown above. However, Tadami Line train is not running over the bridge today due to recovery work suspension. Tadami Line recovery charity and support group is now working on recovery action.

PA295272 (560x420)
Picture above shows broad and quiet Tadami River with mountains in the back and local village of Oshi in the right. This view is from a viewpoint just ahead of JR Aizukawaguchi Station.

PA295277 (560x420)
There are more than 10 hydroelectric power plants along the Tadami River. Ueda Power Plant shown above is a medium scale hydroelectric power plant located near JR Aizunakagawa Station.

PA295289 (560x420)
(Tadami line on a bridge over the Tadami River, Mishima Town, Oct. 29, 2015, 只見線、鉄橋、只見川、三島町、2015/10/29)
There is a popular viewpoint of Tadami Line train traveling on a bridge over Tadami River in Mishima Town. Picture above was taken from the viewpoint today. The train was surrounded by autumn colors.
三島町 に、只見線 の電車が、只見川 の 鉄橋 を渡る、人気の展望場所があります。上の写真は、本日そこから、撮ったものです。電車は、秋の色に包まれています。

PA295306 (560x420)
Finally I arrived at Nishiyama Onsen in Yanaizu Town. The whole hot spring site is covered with autumn colors as shown above.
柳津町 の 西山温泉 に着きました。温泉郷全体が、写真のように、紅葉に包まれていました。

PA295321 (560x420)
I stayed at Takinoyu Inn tonight which is located beside the Takiya River with beautiful autumn leaves as shown above. The inn is a member of Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns and has its own best quality chloride hot spring sources. It really was an excellent and refreshing bath.
今日の宿は、滝谷川 の脇にある、滝の湯 です。日本秘湯を守る会 の会員で、独自の塩化物泉の源泉を持っています。大変良いお湯でした。

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Up: 6.6%, gained altitude: 587m)
下の地図で、ルートの距離や標高を見ることができます。(上り 6.6%、獲得標高587m)

Tonohetsuri and Aizu Railway in autumn, 10/25, 2015 (秋の 塔のへつり と 会津鉄道 2015年10月25日)

Today, I started from Aizuwakamatsu Station and pedaled toward south. Actually I pedaled along Aizu Railway and the Aga River which is also called the Okawa River.
今日は、会津若松駅から出発し、南に下ります。道は、会津鉄道 と、阿賀川 (大川とも呼ぶ)にほぼ沿って行きます。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151025下郷町 (560x420)

PA254808 (560x420)
Leaving Aizuwakamatsu Station I first stopped at Tsurugajo Castle Site. The castle was surrounded by autumn atmosphere as shown above.
まず寄ったのが、鶴ヶ城 です。写真のように、秋 の色に包まれていました。

PA254833 (560x420)
(Autumn colors along the Aga River, Shimogo Town, 10/25, 2015, 阿賀川沿いの紅葉、下郷町、2015/10/25)
Just after passing Ashinomaki Onsen, I was pedaling right beside the Aga River. The river was surrounded by colorful banks as shown above.
芦ノ牧温泉を通過後、道は、阿賀川 のすぐ隣を進みます。阿賀川 の両岸は、紅葉 に包まれていました。

PA254884 (560x420)
(Aizu Railway train near Lake Wakasato, Shimogo Town, 10/25, 2015, 若郷湖 近くの 会津鉄道、下郷町、2015/10/25)
Soon after, I arrived at Lake Wakasato which was made artificially by stopping the Aga River. Picture above shows Aizu Railway line running just beside the lake on a highly elevated way.
しばらく行くと、若郷湖 (わかさとこ)に着きます。ここは、阿賀川 をせき止めた、人造湖です。すぐわきを、写真のように、会津鉄道 の高架が走っています。

PA254908 (560x421)
I saw another Aizu Railway train passing a bridge as shown above.
その先に、橋を渡る 会津鉄道 の電車に、会いました。(塔のへつり のすぐ手前)

PA254950 (560x420)

PA254943 (560x420)
(Autumn colors at Tonohetsuri Valley, Shimogo Town, 10/25, 2015, 塔のへつり の 紅葉、下郷町、2015/10/25)
I finally arrived at Tonohetsuri Valley. This site is designated as National Natural Monument by its strange shaped rocks and cliffs. The site was covered with autumn colors as shown above. But the locals said "This is not the best color. It used to be much better."
最後に、塔のへつり に着きます。ここは、国の天然記念物で、奇岩の渓谷です。紅葉 になっていますが、地元によると、例年はもっと色が良いとのことです。

PA254967 (560x420)
(Open air bath at Senkyokaku Inn, Ashinomaki Onsen, 10/25, 2015, 芦ノ牧温泉、仙峡閣 の露天風呂、2015/10/25)
Tonight I stayed at Senkyokaku Inn at Ashinomaki Onsen (=hot spring site). The inn has its own chloride spring welling up from beneath the bath. It is a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns. Picture above shows an open air bath of the inn.
今夜は、芦ノ牧温泉 の、仙峡閣 に泊まります。ここは、自前の塩化物泉が、浴槽の底から自噴しています。日本秘湯を守る会 の会員宿です。写真は、仙峡閣の露天風呂です。

You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Gained altitude: 205m)

Amazing autumn color at Jododaira and Makukawa Hot Spring, Oct. 5, 2015 (浄土平 の 紅葉 と 幕川温泉 2015年10月5日)

Today, I first visited Makutaki trail and then pedaled up to Jododaira Height which is located 1600m above sea level and which was the main goal on this trip.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151005浄土平紅葉1 (560x420)

Makutaki trail starts from Makukawa Onsen (=Hot Spring) which is one of the Tsuchiyu Pass Hot Springs and is located about 4km north of Tsuchiyu Pass.

PA053955 (560x420)
I pedaled through the narrow but paved road to Makukawa Onsen. Autumn leaves were getting red and yellow as shown above.

PA053961 (560x420)

PA054037 (560x420)
At the end of the road there was a sign board which showed a map of Makutaki trail. I walked along the trail for a while and met with beautiful scenery of autumn leaves as shown above.

After that I pedaled along Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road which goes winding through Azuma Mountain Range, and finally got to Jododaira height.

PA054071 (560x420)

PA054095 (560x420)

PA054108 (560x420)

PA054118 (560x420)
(Autumn leaves along Bandai-Azuma Skyline Road, Oct. 5, 2015, 磐梯吾妻スカイライン の 紅葉、福島市、2015/10/5)
Autumn leaves were almost at their best along the road as shown in the pictures above.

PA054127 (560x420)
At one of the parking lot near Jododaira I found mysterious scenery which all the trees behind cedar trees in front completely colored yellow as shown above.

PA054143 (560x420)
Approaching Jododaira a slope of Mt. AzumaKofuji partially colored red appeared as shown above.

PA054173 (560x420)
(A magnificent autumn scenery at Jododaira, Oct. 5, 2015, 浄土平 の 紅葉、福島市、2015/10/5)
Then when I looked back, a magnificent view of the foot of Mt. Higashiazuma all covered with autumn colors came into my eyes as shown above. This was really spectacular.

PA054180 (560x420)
Another picturesque scene on the way back is shown above.

Finally I returned to Makukawa Onsen in the late afternoon. I stayed at Mitoya Inn tonight. The inn is a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns and has best quality sulfur spring of its own.

PA053974 (560x419)

PA054211 (560x420)

PA053981 (560x420)
Pictures above show an outside view and the entrance of Mitoya Inn, and autumn leaves surrounding a pond in front.

PA054212 (560x420)

PA054221 (560x420)
(Open air baths at Mitoya Inn, Makukawa Onsen, Oct. 5, 2015, 幕川温泉 の水戸屋旅館 の 露天風呂、2015/10/5)
The inn had two open air baths, one in the second floor with nice view, and another in the wilderness outside as shown in the pictures above. The milky white colored spring water was welling up from right next spring source.


You can trace the route and altitude in the map below. (Up: 4.5%, gained altitude: 821m)
下の地図で、ルートの距離や標高を見ることができます。(上り 4.5%、獲得標高821m)
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
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