Oze marsh in early summer, June 19, 2017 (初夏の尾瀬湿原を歩く 2017年6月19日)

P6195226 (560x420)
The second day at Oze National Park was a day of trail trekking through marshes between Onsengoya and Lake Ozenuma. Photo above shows Minezakura cherry trees, a kind of alpine cherry tree, bloom beautiful in the garden of a mountain lodge right beside Lake Ozenuma. Now, the water of Lake Ozenuma flows out via the Nushiri River which then flows into Ozegahara Marsh. The water from Ozegahara Marsh flows through Hiraname and Sanjo Falls and finally makes the Tadami River.

Some of the views and flowers along the trail are shown below.

P6195182 (560x420)
Photo above shows yellow marsh marigold flowers bloom all over the marsh field along the trail.

P6195170 (560x421)
Skunk cabbage is a symbol of Oze National Park because the flowers are seen everywhere in the marshes during May. However, some late flowers still bloom during this time of June as shown above.

P6195183 (560x419)
Mount Shibutsu (2228m) is another symbol of Oze and the beautiful landscape can be seen closely from the trail as shown above. (Actually, Oze National Park has four of the best 100 mountains in Japan: Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hiuchigatake, Mt. Aizukomagatake, and Mt. Hiragatake.)

P6195188 (560x420)
One of early summer alpine flowers, Tateyama gentian could be seen in small clusters as shown above.

P6195197 (560x389)
A board shown above told us that Oze National Park was designated as a special version of National Natural Monument in 1960 in order for special preservation.

Tonight, I stayed at Ozenuma Hut mountain lodge shown in the beginning.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20170619尾瀬湿原 (560x421)

You can play back the route and altitude on the map below.

Autumn leaves at Lake Onogawa, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015 (裏磐梯 小野川湖 周辺の 紅葉 2015年10月14日)

Today's visit was Lake Onogawa and the vicinity in Urabandai area, Kitashiobara Village. It was a clear weather today but windy and cold after low pressure system passed toward east. Autumn leaves are showing nice colors due to lower temperature in recent days.
本日は、裏磐梯 の 小野川湖 と、その周辺です。今日は、良い天気でしたが、低気圧通過後の、強風と寒気で寒かったです。そのため、紅葉も進んでいました。

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20151014小野川湖 (560x420)

PA144396 (560x420)

PA144401 (560x420)
Pictures above show today's views of Lake Onogawa. This lake was created by a massive eruption of Mt. Bandai in 1888.
写真は、本日の、小野川湖 の様子です。この湖は、1888年の磐梯山の大噴火で、できました。

PA144414 (560x420)
(Onogawa Fudo Fall and autumn leaves, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015, 小野川不動滝 と 紅葉、裏磐梯、北塩原村、2015/10/14)
In the upper stream of Lake Onogawa, there is a large fall called Onogawa Fudo Fall. Today it was surrounded by autumn colors as shown above.
小野川湖の上流に、小野川不動滝 があります。写真のように、紅葉 に彩られていました。

From the fall there is a mountain trail through Gran Deco Ski Resort in the north. I walked along the trail and found beautiful autumn scenery up there.
不動滝 から、北の グランデコ スキーリゾートまで、山道が続いています。ここを、登っていくと、すばらしい秋の光景に出会いました。

PA144435 (560x420)
From the park golf course which belong to Gran Deco Hotel, I could see colorful hills surrounding the golf course as shown above.

PA144474 (560x406)
(Gran Deco Resort and autumn leaves, Urabandai, Oct. 14, 2015, グランデコ の 紅葉、裏磐梯、北塩原村、2015/10/14)
Finally I arrived at Gran Deco Ski slope and spectacular autumn scenery along the gondola ropeway came into my eyes as shown above.

PA144366 (560x420)
Tonight, I stayed at Urabandai Public Inn near Lake Onogawa as shown above. It was a very simple type inn with basic lodging and good meal and of course with very reasonable charge. I love this kind of simple lodgings.
今夜は、小野川湖 の脇にある、裏磐梯国民宿舎 に泊まります。基本的な寝泊りと、おいしい食事がついた、簡素な宿です。値段も安く、私は、このような簡素な宿が好きです。

Dahlia Festival in Hanawa Town part Ⅱ, Eryuda Falls in Samegawa Village, and Bobata Onsen, Sept. 15, 2015 (塙のダリア祭りその2、鮫川村の江竜田の滝、母畑元湯 2015年9月15日)

Last night I stayed at Yuyu Land Hanawa of Yujimata Hot Spring. This facility has a large dahlia garden in front across the road. This was my first visit this morning. Then I pedaled north and visited Eryuda Falls in Samegawa Village. Final goal today was Bobata Hot Spring of Ishikawa Town.

The exact route and locations are shown in the map below. The map can be scaled up and down with a click and scroll.
20150915塙と江竜田と母畑 (560x420)

P9153286 (560x420)
Picture above shows a Yuyu Land Hanawa Inn of Yujimata Onsen. This is a nice public inn of Hanawa Town located in a remote area 550m above sea level..

P9153297 (560x418)

P9153302 (560x420)

P9153326 (560x421)

P9153337 (560x420)

P9153355 (560x420)
Yuyu Land Hanawa owns a large dahlia garden. In this time of the season, dahlia has become in full bloom as shown in the photos above. The best time will last until October. Dahlia Festival of Hanawa Town lasts through the end of October.

P9153415 (560x420)
During Dahlia Festival you can find other dahlia gardens in many places in the town. Picture above shows a bus stop with dahlia garden which I found on the way to Eryuda Falls.

P9153377 (560x419)

P9153364 (560x420)
Leaving Hanawa Town, I headed toward Eryuda Falls in Samegawa Village. There are six falls at the site and two of them are shown above.

P9153375 (560x417)
The site had been selected best 100 greens of Fukushima as shown in the stone monument in the picture above.

P9153445 (560x419)
Then I headed toward Bobata Hot Spring Site in the north. On the way I stopped at mega solar power plant which was built in an old golf course site as shown above.

P9153450 (560x420)

P9153457 (560x406)

P9153461 (560x420)
Bobata hot spring site was founded in 1063. The original spring site is called Bobata Motoyu. This is where I stayed tonight. The building is an old (more than 100 years) wooden style with an old style bath as shown in the photos above. This alkaline and radioactive spring was excellent.
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