【2013年6月10日】 再び ひめさゆりの丘 へ、そして 日中温泉 へ( June 10, 2013: Again to the Hill of Lilium rubellum and then to Nitchu Onsen, Fukushima Pref.)

本日は、再度、ひめさゆりの丘 を訪ねた後、自転車道で 熱塩温泉 から 喜多の郷 への道を確認し、そのあと山形県境に近い 日中(にっちゅう)温泉 へ。
Today I visited the Hill of Lilium rubellum again, and then checked the cycling road from Atsushio Onsen to Kitanosato Road Station, and finally arrived at Nitchu Onsen which was near the border of Yamagata Pref.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130610喜多方市内 (561x353)

P6104371 (561x420)

P6104379 (561x421)

P6104388 (561x420)

P6104404 (561x421)

P6104422 (561x421)

P6104436 (561x421)

P6104450 (561x421)

P6104453 (561x421)

P6104470 (561x421)
昨日、ヒメサユリ の美しい姿を多く紹介しましたが、今朝再度行ってきたので、追加で紹介します(上の写真)。昨日は、午後撮りましたが、本日は午前です。( ひめさゆりの丘 )
I have shown many pictures of beautiful lilium rubellum yesterday. I visited the hill again and more pictures were shown above. This time I took pictures in the morning, meanwhile pictures shown yesterday were taken in the afternoon.

P6104471 (561x421)

P6104475 (561x421)

P6104480 (561x421)

P6104489 (561x421)
そのあと、熱塩温泉 から 道の駅「 喜多の郷 」 まで自転車道を走ってみました。最初の写真の起点から2.5km走ったところで、次の写真の案内板が現れ、一般道にマージします。3枚目の写真は、逆方向の様子。そのあと、4枚目の写真の案内に従い、1.6km走ると、喜多の郷 に着きました。従って、一般道も通るが、特に問題無いことが分かりました。
Then, I checked the cycling road from Atsushio Onsen to Kitanosato Road Station. I started from the point shown in the first picture above, and after 2.5km run, a guide sign appeared as shown in the second picture and the cycling road merged to the public road. The third picture shows the spot from opposite direction. Then some guide signs such as shown in the fourth picture took me to "Kitanosato" without getting lost. It made me clear that the cycling road had no problem.

P6104484 (561x415)
道の駅「 喜多の郷 」では、喜多方ラーメン を食べてみました。喜多方市の本場で食べるのは初めてであり、写真の600円のしょうゆラーメンはおいしかった。
At Kitanosato Road Station I tasted famous Kitakata Ramen. This was the first time for me to eat at home town of the ramen. The soy soup ramen shown in the picture above was delicious with 600 yen charge.

P6104496 (561x421)

P6104513 (561x421)
今度は、自転車道をまた戻り、山形県境に近い、写真の日中(にっちゅう)ダムと、すぐ近くにある地元の物産館の「 ひめさゆり浪漫館 」に寄ります。
I returned back the cycling road and pedaled to Nitchu Dam as shown in the picture which was located near the border of Yamagata Pref. I also stopped at nearby local drive-in store called "Himesayuri-Romankan".

P6104516 (561x421)

P6104500 (561x420)

P6104522 (561x421)
今夜の宿は、写真のように 日中ダム の岸壁の真下にある、日中温泉 の ゆもとや に泊まる。この宿は、日本秘湯の会 会員宿であり、42℃の効能豊かな塩化物泉のぬる目の源泉に、ゆっくりつかることができます。
Tonight I stayed at Yumotoya Inn which was located just beneath the huge wall of the Nitchu Dam as shown in the pictures above. The inn was a member of Japan Association of Segregated Hot Spring Inns, and I could relax in the bath with medium temperature for a long time with effective chloride hot spring.

【2013年6月9日】 会津若松熱塩温泉自転車道 で ひめさゆりの丘 、 熱塩温泉 へ( June 9, 2013: To the Hill of Lilium rubellum and Atsushio Onsen via Okawa-Kitakata Cycling Road)

本日は、大川喜多方サイクリングロード (県道 会津若松熱塩温泉自転車道 とも呼ぶ)を通り、ひめさゆりの丘 を経由して、終点の 熱塩(あつしお)温泉 に入る。
Today I pedaled along the Okawa-Kitakata Cycling Road and arrived at Atsushio Onsen via the Hill of Lilium rubellum.

The actual route was shown in the map below. (The route and altitude data were from GPS log data. The details of the map can be seen by clicking the map.)

">20130609会津若松市から喜多方市へ (561x368)

P6094215 (561x421)

P6094219 (561x421)
会津若松市内の県道366号の途中に、写真の 会津若松熱塩温泉自転車道 への入口がある。
There was a branch to the Okawa-Kitakata Cycling Road on the Pref. Route 366 in Aizuwakamatsu City as shown in the pictures above.

However I had to be careful enough taking this cycling road because of some irregularities as shown below.

P6094221 (561x421)
①宮古橋 までは、写真のように、阿賀川 の右岸を走る。ここから先は、未舗装になります。
1. As far as Miyako Bridge I pedaled on the right bank of Aga River. From here on the road became unpaved.

P6094225 (561x421)
②宮古橋 で、橋を渡り、写真のように、阿賀川 の左岸を走る。舗装されています。
2. I had to cross the Miyako Bridge and then I pedaled on the left bank of Aga River. This side was being paved.

P6094226 (561x421)
③立川橋 で、県道127号 を右に進み、道沿いに 山王橋 を渡る。ここで左折し、写真のように川沿いに進む。
3. Arriving at Tachikawa Bridge, I turned right along the Pref. Route 127 and crossed the San-oubashi Bridge. Then I turned left and went along the river bank as shown in the picture above.

P6094229 (561x421)
④会青橋 で、右折し、県道21号から61号に進み、新宮橋 の手前から、写真のように自転車道が再開する。
4. Arriving at Kaisei Bridge I turned to the right and pedaled along the Pref. Route 21 and then 61 and finally I found the cycling road again just before the Shingu Bridge.

P6094231 (561x420)

P6094239 (561x421)
⑤このあとは、道の駅「 喜多の郷 」まで、写真のように、トイレも良く整備され、快適に走れる。
5. Hereafter I could ride a bike comfortably all the way to the Road Station "Kitanosato" with nice rest rooms along the road.

P6094250 (561x421)

P6094240 (561x421)
⑥道の駅「 喜多の郷 」は、写真の標識のように、自転車道と 国道121号 に隣接しており、便利です。
6. Since the Road Station "Kitanosato" was placed adjacent to both Cycling road and National Route 121 it was convenient.

P6094344 (561x421)
⑦なお、自転車道の終点は、写真のように、熱塩温泉 である。
7. The terminal of the cycling road was Atsushio Onsen as shown in the picture.

P6094273 (561x421)
道の駅「 喜多の郷 」から、「 ひめさゆりの丘 」と呼ばれる ヒメサユリ 群生地への約7kmの上り道が出る。道沿いに、写真ののぼりが設置され、道に迷わない。
There was a 7km climb route to the hill on which many lilium rubellum grow naturally and which was called the "Hill of Lilium rubellum". Guide banners were set up along the route thus I could easily trace.

ヒメサユリ は、福島県 および、福島県と県境を有する宮城県・山形県・新潟県のみに自生する、ピンク色の花を咲かせるユリです。絶滅危惧種でもあります。
福島県では、喜多方市 の 熱塩加納地区 の「 ひめさゆりの丘 」、昭和村の高清水自然公園の「 ひめさゆりの里 」、南会津町の南郷地区の「 ひめさゆりの郷 」、西会津町 および 土湯温泉 の 堤ヶ平 などで見られる。
Lilium rubellum is a kind of lily which has pink flowers and grows only in Fukushima Pref. and in adjacent Prefectures which have borders with Fukushima Pref. It was designated as one of endangered species.
In Fukushima Pref. lilium rubellum can only be seen at the "Hill of Lilium rubellum" in Kitakata City, "Country of Lilium rubellum" at Takashimizu Nature Park at Showa Village, the "Home of Lilium rubellum" in Minamiaizu Town, Nishiaizu Town and Tsutsumigadaira of Tsuchiyu Onsen Area.

P6094276 (561x421)
今回訪れた、喜多方市の「 ひめさゆりの丘 」は、福島県内では最も早く6月初旬から咲く。丘の全景は、写真の通りです。
Lilium rubellum of Kitakata City usually starts to bloom earliest in Fukushima Pref. from beginning of June. Whole view of the hill was shown in the picture above.

P6094290 (561x421)

P6094291 (561x421)

P6094297 (561x420)

P6094304 (561x421)

P6094315 (561x421)

P6094320 (561x421)

P6094332 (561x421)
ひめさゆりの丘 の ヒメサユリ は、満開に近く、きれいに咲いていました。 上にその写真を紹介します。
Lilium rubellums were nearly in full bloom and were really beautiful. Many of them are shown above.

P6094365 (561x387)

P6094347 (561x421)

P6094354 (561x421)

P6094360 (561x421)

P6094357 (561x421)
次に、熱塩温泉 にある、 日中線記念館 を紹介します。日中線 は、喜多方と熱塩を結んだ、旧国鉄の鉄道である。約30年前に廃止され、その跡地に、上記の自転車道ができた。また、終点駅であった 熱塩駅 を、記念館にした。写真(上)は、その説明、外観、内部の様子です。
Next, I found the Memorial Hall for Nittchu Line of Japan National Railway at Atsushio Onsen area. Nittchu Line was a railway of former Japan Railway which connected Kitakata and Atsushio. The line had been abolished about 30 years ago and the above mentioned cycling road had been built at the site. Also the building of the Atsushio Station which was then a terminal station became the Memorial Hall. The pictures above show the explanation, outside views, and inside view.

P6094368 (561x421)
今夜は、熱塩温泉 の写真の 叶屋旅館 に泊まる。熱塩温泉 は、その名の通り、熱く、塩辛い塩化物泉である。宿では、68度の源泉の掛け流しであり、良質の温泉に入れました。
I stayed at Kanoya Inn at Atsushio Onsen as shown in the picture above. Atsushio Onsen had hot chloride water and salty taste just as the name suggested. The bath was really good with overflowing hot spring water of 68 degrees Celsius.
Welcome! 福が満開、福のしま。
Welcome to Fukushima 2019 
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